Plan 1: Traditional Garage and Apartment

Site: 2122 Grape Ave, Redding CA

Goal: Own a home where

  1. I am proud of the design and landscaping.

  2. Enjoy hosting large groups in garage or living room.

  3. I can charge 2 or 3 electric vehicles to full overnight.

  4. Fit my current Camper Van in my garage. 10 ft minimum garage door.

  5. I can rent out lots of extra rooms to students and traveling medical professionals.

  6. Solar covers most of the electric bill.

Favorite Design Choices:

  1. Pier and beam foundations where possible. Crawl space will be easy crawl, not army crawl.

  2. Metal roof and siding.

  3. One roof gable or single slope facing correctly for solar to perform all year round.

Design Bans:

  1. No Visible attic vents.

  2. No Vent pipes going through roof

  3. No Sliding doors.

Current Situation

I bought an old run down house with a weak electrical system 100 Amps. 3 bed 1 bath. Stucco. Old aluminum frame windows. Landscaping is a total mess.

Plot: 50' x 146'. North side yard is mostly 10' wide. South side yard is mostly 6'. There's a deck

Current Situation Front

Current Situation Back

Goal Layout, Style, Function

Attached garage in front of existing house with apartment above.

Garage Layout

2 or 3 garage doors should give access to space that can charge up to 3 EV's overnight at the same time. Max width 35' meets side setbacks and landscaping design. A depth of 30' meets the 20' setback from sidewalk.

Apartment Layout

1 bedroom, 1 bath. French doors to balcony no sliding doors anywhere in home.

The kitchen/living room area should have an island with sink, dishwasher and induction stove top. Opposite side of island accommodates bar stools


Metal Roof and Siding. The eaves that cover the balcony will be surfaced raw wood tongue and groove.

Site Plan for New Garage and Apartment

2122 Grape Garage and Apartment Plan.pdf

Example Layout

First floor garage facing the street. Single slope facing the sun. 2nd story apartment with porch.

Example eave

The eave goes all the way to floor making the wall and ceiling and floor the same line.

Example metal building

Two story metal building with garage opening on gable side. This example is missing the porch above. Also a good example of no vent pipes protruding through the roof. Vents route to a ridge vent or perhaps the a soffet vent. Bad: it has an attic vent.

Example exposed structure

Where possible I would love trusses and load bearing beams, columns worth looking at. And even some exposed hvac. The Starbucks on Churn Creek has a good combination of exposed structure, lighting, sprinkers, sound with a large part of hvac behind drywall over the work area for baristas.

Example Style Corrugated Metal.

Example Style Metal Ridge

Example pier and beam foundation.

This is my favorite foundation. Ideally this type of foundation leaves plent of room for tree roots to grow and water to drain.

30x35 Vertical Triple Wide Metal Carport - Alan's Factory Outlet.pdf

Steel Carport Solution.

Interesting possibility of a covered carport as a garage. Max wall height is 16ft.

Includes installation but not

Utility Plan

Current utilities don't accommodate several bathrooms and kitchens.

So in 3 separate trenches down north side yard:

  1. Water

    1. Trench depth: ???

    2. Offset from other trenches: ???

  2. Electrical

    1. Trench depth: ???

    2. Offset from other trenches: ???

  3. Data

    1. Will the cable company accommodate underground service??/

    2. Can I put the data service panel on same pedestal as power?

    3. What hardware is needed to share cable to 3 locations?

South Side Yard:

  1. Sewer with sewer ejector pump to accommodate the full depth of the property.

So goal is to update the water to run down the north side yard inside 3 feet off the property edge where building isn't possible anyway. Also run electrical down northside of yard in a second trench.

On south side yard the only

2122 Grape Garage and Apartment Plan.pdf